December 19
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Plant Species of the genus Ligustrum

Information about this genus
Name: Ligustrum
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Privets are not particular about soil or exposure to sun, and are greedy feeders, taking nourishment from plants around them. Seeds can be sown as soon as ripe, while the colored forms are best propagated from firm tip cuttings taken in late spring or summer.
Description: This genus of about 50 species of both deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs is part of the olive family. Most species are found in the Himalayas and eastern Asia, with one in Europe and North Africa. All have simple opposite leaves with smooth edges and terminal inflorescences of scented white flowers. They are extensively grown in cold climates as hardy hedging plants but are fast growing and require frequent clipping. In warmer climates seed is produced in large quantities and is popular with birds, which has resulted in several species invading native vegetation and becoming weeds. Ligustrum japonicum and L. ovalifolium are weeds in the USA and New Zealand; L. sinense has become a pest in eastern Australia. The varieties with colored foliage can be grown with less risk but are apt to revert.

Specie Vernacular Zone
amurense Amur privet
Ligustrum delavayanum 8-11
Ligustrum japonicum 5-10
Ligustrum lucidum 7-11
Ligustrum quihoui 5-10
Ligustrum sinense 7-11
obtusifolium 3-10
ovalifolium 5-10
vulgare 4-10

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