September 21
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Plant Species of the genus Lindera

Information about this genus
Name: Lindera
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Suitable for a woodland or other informal garden, these will appreciate a partly shady position when young. All species transplant well, and will survive in an ordinary, somewhat acidic soil. Established trees require little or no care but may be pruned if they become ungainly. Propagation can be from seed sown when fresh. If the seed must be stored, do not allow it to dry. Otherwise propagate from cuttings taken in summer or by layering.
Description: This genus consists of about 80 deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs from the riverbanks of East Asia and North America. They have an open habit and aromatic alternate leaves that can be smooth-edged or 3-lobed. The leaves often color pleasantly in autumn on deciduous species. Its star-shaped yellow flowers are borne in spring on heads in the leaf axils and are followed by clustered berry-like fruits. The leaves of the North American species have been used to make a type of tea.

Specie Vernacular Zone
benzoin 5-8
Lindera obtusiloba 6-9

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