December 13
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Plant Species of the genus Lonicera

Information about this genus
Name: Lonicera
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Although honeysuckles are tough adaptable plants that thrive in most conditions, they are generally best grown in rich, moist, humus-enriched, well-drained soil in partial shade. They can be raised from seed, though most are easily grown from layers or half-hardened cuttings. Cultivars and hybrids must be vegetatively propagated.
Description: Honeysuckles are often regarded as just somewhat weedy second-class climbers, but in the right place they are among the easiest and most rewarding plants. The 180-odd species in the genus encompass climbers, ground covers and shrubs, both evergreen and deciduous, most of them very hardy. The foliage usually consists of opposite pairs of leathery leaves that may be very small or up to 6?in (15?cm) long. While honeysuckle flowers vary in size, most are tubular and are usually cream inside, with the outer colors including most shades except blue. The flowers are sometimes highly fragrant and often followed by ornamental berries that are relished by birds. The fruit is usually backed or partially enclosed by bract-like calyces that may color slightly.

Specie Vernacular Zone
bella Bell's honeysuckle
caerulea 2-8
canadensis American fly honeysuckle
caprifolium 5-9
dioica limber honeysuckle
flava yellow honeysuckle
fragrantissima 5-9
hirsuta hairy honeysuckle
involucrata 4-10
japonica Japanese honeysuckle
Lonicera 3 americana 6-9
Lonicera 3 brownii 5-9
Lonicera 3 purpusii 6-9
Lonicera 3 xylosteoides 6-9
Lonicera alberti 6-9
Lonicera alpigena 6-10
Lonicera chaetocarpa 5-9
Lonicera etrusca 7-10
Lonicera giraldii 6-10
Lonicera henryi 4-10
Lonicera iberica 6-9
Lonicera korolkowii 5-9
Lonicera ledebourii 6-10
Lonicera nitida 7-10
Lonicera periclymenum 4-10
Lonicera pileata 5-9
Lonicera pyrenaica 5-10
Lonicera syringantha 4-9
Lonicera thibetica 4-9
maackii 2-9
morrowii 3-9
oblongifolia swamp fly honeysuckle
reticulata grape honeysuckle
ruprechtiana 6-9
sempervirens trumpet honeysuckle
standishii 6-10
tatarica 3-9
villosa mountain fly honeysuckle
xylosteoides fly honeysuckle
xylosteum 3-9

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