December 11
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Plant Species of the genus Lycium

Information about this genus
Name: Lycium
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Ranging from fully frost hardy to frost tender, these shrubs succeed in moderately fertile well-drained soils and prefer a sunny location. They will also grow in impoverished soils and exposed locations. The common and Chinese species are tolerant of sea spray and are useful in coastal gardens. Lycium may be grown as a hedge or espaliered against walls. As most species sucker freely they should not be planted where they are likely to invade nearby bushland or flowerbeds. Pruning should take place in winter or early spring to maintain the plant?s shape and prevent it becoming overly dense. Weak branches should be removed and excessively long ones shortened. Hedges need to be cut back hard in spring and usually require shearing 2 to 3 times a season. Espaliered specimens may be pruned after fruiting, in winter or spring. They propagate easily from seed in autumn. Hardwood cuttings may be taken in winter and softwood cuttings in summer. Lycium pallidum has a reputation for being the most difficult species to propagate, as it is extremely difficult to root from cuttings.
Description: This genus comprises some 100 species of deciduous and evergreen, often thorny, shrubs that inhabit temperate, subtropical and tropical regions around the world. Leaves are alternate or in clusters. The small, white, green or purplish, funnel-shaped or tubular flowers are borne in the leaf axils. The plants are primarily valued for their showy, succulent, generally bright red berries, which are produced in great abundance and make a long-lasting colorful display in autumn and early winter.

Specie Vernacular Zone
barbarum 6-10
chinense 6-10
Lycium afrum 9-10
Lycium ferocissimum 9-10
Lycium pallidum 6-10

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