December 16
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Plant Species of the genus Magnolia

Information about this genus
Name: Magnolia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Although some species are lime tolerant, most prefer well-drained acid soils rich in humus. Pruning is generally unnecessary and, in fact, can destroy the natural charming habit of most species. They are generally fast growing and their surface fleshy roots are easily damaged by cultivation. For this reason they are best left undisturbed. Wind and late frosts can also damage the large flowers, so a sheltered spot is best for these plants. Light shade is generally ideal. Propagate by taking cuttings in summer, or sowing seed in autumn. Grafting should be carried out in winter.
Description: Comprising around 100 species and countless cultivars, this genus within the family Magnoliaceae occurs naturally throughout Asia and North America. With both evergreen and deciduous species, many are very large trees. The genus is appreciated particularly for the big simple leaves and large handsome flowers of most species. The flowers are primitive, pollinated largely by beetles, and their simplicity, often seen to advantage on bare limbs before foliage appears, contributes to their appeal. Many are fragrant, the standout being the voluptuous evergreen southern magnolia of the USA (Magnolia grandiflora); but deciduous species are also well represented. Fruits are often cone-like showy clusters, pink or red with colorful seeds, sometimes suspended on fine threads which add to the interest.

Specie Vernacular Zone
acuminata 4?9
cordata 6?8
fraseri 6?9
macrophylla 4?8
Magnolia 3 loebneri 4?8
Magnolia 3 proctoriana 6-9
Magnolia 3 soulangeana 4?9
Magnolia 3 thompsoniana 6?9
Magnolia 3 veitchii 6?9
Magnolia ashei 7?10
Magnolia campbellii 7?9
Magnolia coco 9?10
Magnolia cylindrica 5?9
Magnolia dawsoniana 6?9
Magnolia delavayi 8?10
Magnolia denudata 5?9
Magnolia globosa 5?9
Magnolia grandiflora 6?9
Magnolia Hybrid Cultivars 5-9
Magnolia hypoleuca 6?9
Magnolia kobus 4?8
Magnolia liliiflora 5?9
Magnolia nitida 9?10
Magnolia officinalis 6?9
Magnolia salicifolia 6?9
Magnolia sargentiana 7?9
Magnolia sharpii 9-11
Magnolia sieboldii 6?9
Magnolia sprengeri 7?9
Magnolia wilsonii 6?9
soulangiana Chinese magnolia
stellata 5?9
tripetala 5?8
virginiana 6?9

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