December 14
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Plant Species of the genus Malus

Information about this genus
Name: Malus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Apples and crabapples flower in spring; most cultivated varieties of apple require a cross-pollinator in order to produce fruit. Fruit is set in clusters of 3 to 5 and some thinning may be necessary for a maximum crop. While cultivated apples require careful pruning in winter, as well as spraying against a variety of pests and diseases, the crabapples, being largely ornamental, need less attention although some are also susceptible to leaf diseases. Propagation is by grafting onto a range of apple rootstocks, some of which have the effect of producing a dwarfed plant.
Description: The apples and crabapples comprise a large genus of around 30 species of ornamental and fruiting small to medium-sized deciduous trees. They belong to the rose family and are widely cultivated throughout the temperate regions of the world. Nearly all have soft green leaves (?apple green?). The fruits are pomes, in which the core structure of several seeds is enclosed within a swollen fleshy covering. Not all crabapples are edible, some being too bitter, but most can be used to make a pleasant-tasting jelly. The origin of the cultivated eating apple is to be found in the crabapples, but just when the transformation of the species found growing wild in the forests of the Caucasus and adjoining parts of Georgia occurred is not certain. Apples were grown by the Egyptians as early as 1300 bc and by the time of the Romans were well known. They went to America with the Pilgrim Fathers and to Australia with the First Fleet. The cultivated apple is one of the most widely grown of all edible fruits and the many species and cultivars of crabapple are equally valued as ornamental trees. They will grow in all cool-temperate regions and are now grown also in highland regions in the tropics as well as in the harsh conditions of Siberia and northern China.

Specie Vernacular Zone
angustifolia southern crabapple
baccata 2-9
coronaria 4-9
floribunda 4-9
glaucescens Dunbar crabapple
ioensis 2-9
Malus 3 adstringens 4-9
Malus 3 arnoldiana 4-9
Malus 3 atrosanguinea 4-9
Malus 3 domestica 3?9
Malus 3 gloriosa 4-9
Malus 3 hartwigii 4-9
Malus 3 micromalus 4-9
Malus 3 moerlandsii 5-9
Malus 3 purpurea 4-9
Malus 3 robusta 3-9
Malus 3 scheideckeri 4-9
Malus 3 zumi 5-9
Malus florentina 6-9
Malus fusca 4-9
Malus halliana 4-9
Malus hupehensis 4-10
Malus Hybrid Cultivars 4-9
Malus kansuensis 5?9
Malus sargentii 4-9
Malus spectabilis 4-9
Malus transitoria 5?10
Malus tschonoskii 6-10
platycarpa bigfruit crab
prunifolia 3-9
pumila 3-9
sieboldii 4-9
soulardii Soulard crab

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