September 20
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Plant Species of the genus Mahonia

Information about this genus
Name: Mahonia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Mahonias vary in hardiness. Most of the commonly grown species are temperate-zone plants that tolerate moderate to hard frosts. Some species from the mountains of tropical Asia withstand only light frosts. For the lushest foliage, plant in moist well-drained soil that is fertile and rich in humus and protect from the hottest summer sun. Pruning is seldom necessary except to remove the occasional straggling or old stems. Propagating mahonias is very easy using cuttings or the rooted suckers that frequently develop at the base of established plants.
Description: Aptly known as holly grapes, this genus of some 70 species of evergreen shrubs is found in Asia and North America with a few species extending the range into Central America. Their leaves are often very spiny and may be trifoliate or pinnate with relatively large leaflets. The foliage may be carried alternately on the stems or in whorls at the top of the stem and frequently passes through several color changes as it matures: light green or red-tinted in spring when new, deep green in summer, with red or orange tints in winter. Sprays of small yellow flowers, often scented, are most often clustered at the branch tips and appear in spring, summer, or autumn to early winter depending on the species. The flowers are followed by usually blue-black berries with a grape-like powdery bloom. The berries are edible but seldom used, except to make jellies.

Specie Vernacular Zone
aquifolium 5?10
Mahonia 3 media 7?10
Mahonia 3 wagneri 7?10
Mahonia ?Golden Abundance? 6?9
Mahonia bealei 6?10
Mahonia fortunei 7?10
Mahonia fremontii 8?11
Mahonia japonica 6?10
Mahonia lomariifolia 7?10
Mahonia napaulensis 8?11
Mahonia nervosa 6?9
Mahonia nevinii 8?10
Mahonia pinnata 7?10
pumila 7?10
repens 6?9

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