December 12
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Plant Species of the genus Myrica

Information about this genus
Name: Myrica
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Myrica species vary considerably in hardiness, but provided the climate is suitable they are not difficult to cultivate and will thrive in any well-drained soil that is not strongly alkaline or prone to prolonged drought. Plant in sun to half-day shade, water well in sun and trim to shape if necessary. Propagate from seed, layers or summer to autumn half-hardened cuttings.
Description: With a widespread distribution centered on the northern temperate zones, this genus is composed of some 35 species of evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees. They have simple short-stemmed leaves and small separate male and female flowers, the male flowers in short catkins and the females in rounded clusters. Egg-shaped to spherical drupes follow the flowers and are often coated with an aromatic wax.

Specie Vernacular Zone
gale 1-8
Myrica californica 7-10
Myrica cerifera 6-10
Myrica serrata 9-10
pensylvanica 2-8

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