December 15
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Plant Species of the genus Ostrya

Information about this genus
Name: Ostrya
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: These slow-growing trees are not common in cultivation. They prefer well-drained fertile soil in either sun or shade, and make good specimen trees. Propagate in spring from fresh seed in pots protected from frosts. Seed which has dried out must be stratified to break dormancy. Graft cultivars onto Carpinus betulus rootstocks in the colder months.
Description: This genus contains about 10 species of deciduous trees related to Betulus and Carpinus. They grow throughout the Northern Hemisphere temperate regions in open woodland. The alternate leaves have conspicuous veining and toothed edges, and are often hairy. The male catkins resemble the flowers of hornbeams (Carpinus). The female flowers, on the same tree, develop into catkins that look much like those of hops (Humulus), with overlapping bracts.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Ostrya carpinifolia 6?9
Ostrya japonica 5?9
virginiana 4?9

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