December 12
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Plant Species of the genus Phyllodoce

Information about this genus
Name: Phyllodoce
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Fully frost hardy, this genus grows best in moist, acid, peaty soil in partial shade. In warm areas do not allow plants to dry out in summer, and mulch to ensure cool root conditions. Lightly trim after flowering to maintain a compact habit. Propagate from seed or by layering in spring, or from cuttings in late summer.
Description: This is a genus of 5 species of small, evergreen, heath-like shrubs native to the Arctic and to the alpine regions of the Northern Hemisphere, western North America and Japan. They have crowded, alternate, linear leaves with finely toothed margins and terminal racemes or umbels of nodding, open, bell-shaped flowers in spring and early summer. They make ideal rock-garden plants for regions with cool summers.

Specie Vernacular Zone
caerulea 2-8
Phyllodoce 3 intermedia 3-9
Phyllodoce aleutica 2-8

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