December 16
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Plant Species of the genus Philadelphus

Information about this genus
Name: Philadelphus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: They grow well in full sun, partial shade or in deciduous, open woodland in moderately fertile soil that is free draining, but will flower better in full sun. Some species, if grown on inferior soil or if not pruned, can grow coarsely with expanses of bare stem and few flowers. With proper care this can easily be remedied. If grown in pots, a loam-based compost is best, and regular feeding and watering are necessary throughout the growing season. Propagate from softwood cuttings taken in summer or hardwood cuttings taken in autumn and winter.
Description: Occurring within the Hydrangeaceae/Philadelphaceae family, there are 60 or so species of mainly deciduous shrubs in this genus. They grow on rocky hillsides and in open scrubland in temperate regions of Central and North America, the Caucasus, the Himalayas and eastern Asia. They usually have peeling bark and are frequently grown for ornamental purposes. They are also cultivated for their scented double or single flowers, as a specimen shrub in woodland or in a shrub border.

Specie Vernacular Zone
coronarius 5-9
floridus 6-9
inodorus 5-9
Philadelphus argyrocalyx 7-10
Philadelphus californicus 7-10
Philadelphus delavayi 6-9
Philadelphus Hybrid Cultivars 5-9
Philadelphus lewisii 5-9
Philadelphus magdalenae 6-9
Philadelphus mexicanus 9-10
Philadelphus microphyllus 6-9
Philadelphus sericanthus 6-9
Philadelphus subcanus 6-9
pubescens hoary mock orange
tomentosus fuzzy mock orange

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