December 14
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Plant Species of the genus Picea

Information about this genus
Name: Picea
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Though some species are slow growing, all members are wind-firm and the taller species make excellent windbreaks for large gardens and parks. They tolerate a wide range of soils and climates but do not perform well in mild areas or polluted atmospheres. The slow growth of some, especially the smaller cultivars, makes them suitable for bonsai. Propagation is from seed or, for cultivars, firm cuttings or grafting.
Description: There are approximately 45 species and many cultivars in this genus of resinous evergreen conifers in the Pinaceae family, from cool latitudes or high altitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. The majority are large noble trees of symmetrical habit, favoring deep, rich, acidic, well-drained soils in mountainous areas. Many species are valued timber trees. The attractive foliage displays a wide color range, including green, blue, silver and gray, and consists of needle-like leaves on short and persistent peg-like shoots. The large and attractive cones are pendulous at maturity, this feature contrasting with the somewhat similar firs (Abies species), which hold their cones upright.

Specie Vernacular Zone
abies 2-9
glauca 1-8
mariana 1-8
Picea alcoquiana 8-10
Picea asperata 4-8
Picea brachytyla 8-10
Picea breweriana 2-8
Picea chihuahuana 8-10
Picea engelmannii 1-8
Picea jezoensis 8-10
Picea koyamai 5-9
Picea likiangensis 7-10
Picea morrisonicola 7-10
Picea obovata 1-8
Picea omorika 4-8
Picea orientalis 3-8
Picea purpurea 7-10
Picea sitchensis 4-8
Picea smithiana 6-8
Picea spinulosa 4-8
Picea wilsonii 6-10
pungens 2-8
rubens 4-8

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