December 14
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Plant Species of the genus Pieris

Information about this genus
Name: Pieris
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: In common with most members of the erica family, Pieris species prefer cool, moist, well-drained soil with ample humus. A position in full sun yields more flowers, light shade results in lusher foliage. Heavy pruning is seldom required as they are naturally tidy; light trimming and pinching back will keep them that way. Propagate from half-hardened cuttings or layers.
Description: Widely cultivated and extensively hybridized, the best known of the 7 species in this genus are common garden plants, being among the most popular evergreen shrubs for temperate gardens. These familiar species are evergreen shrubs from subtropical and temperate regions of the Himalayas and eastern Asia, but the genus also includes a vine and some shrubby species from eastern USA and the West Indies. Typically the leaves are simple pointed ellipses, often with serrated edges, and the flowers are bell-shaped, downward-facing and carried in panicles. They usually open in spring and are sometimes scented.

Specie Vernacular Zone
floribunda 5-9
Pieris ?Forest Flame? 6-9
Pieris formosa 6-10
Pieris japonica 6-10

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