December 14
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Plant Species of the genus Pseudotsuga

Information about this genus
Name: Pseudotsuga
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: These hardy trees prefer colder climates and will grow in any well-drained soil in full sun. Propagate the species from seed in spring, or graft cultivars in late winter.
Description: There are 6 to 8 species of coniferous trees within this genus in the family Pinaceae. All are evergreen forest trees from western North America, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan and China. They are major timber trees used for power poles, railway sleepers, plywood and wood pulp and are also a source of Oregon balsam. Some trees reach 300 ft (90 m) in height in their native habitat, but this is rare in cultivation. The foliage and cones are frequently used as Christmas decorations, as the foliage sheds its needles less readily than other species traditionally used as Christmas trees. The linear leaves grow radially on the shoots. The female cones have 3-pronged bract scales protruding from between the cone scales; the cylindrical male cones are smaller.

Specie Vernacular Zone
menziesii 4-9
Pseudotsuga forrestii 6-9
Pseudotsuga macrocarpa 8-9

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