September 25
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Topic: What Organic Can Really Mean
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 13340
Tue, Jul 1 at 01:41:26 EDT
What Organic Can Really Mean
There is a new trend/focus in chem-free gardening, drought tolerant and native plants in the Hort. industry. Although growers are constantly introducing new varieties of plants to keep it exciting for customers, natural based insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers may still have to be used in order to keep problems with plants under control.   Garden Centres may sell many varieties of less hardy plants which may be less resistant to pests and not durable enough to withstand a  Canadian winter therefor  extra products and winter protection required are required.  If we are thinking of organic gardening, wouldn't it make more sense to eliminate any other products period.  Perhaps we should just focus on buying and selling plants that are streamlined: the varieties that wouldn't require insectide etc.  Example, why do we need to have over 100 varieties of hosta  available to us? Half may already be susceptible  to slugs and require dust.  Is it that important to customers? What about landscapers, do they care if they have access to all of these varieties that wouldn't cut it for them anyway?  Maybe only 50 of the top hardy hostas should be available?Do we need a zillion varieties of vibernum that we know get infested with vibernum beetle/small caterpillars?  Why are we constantly filling new sub divisions with the same shade trees, what happens when one gets diseased? There are excellent varieties of disease resistant roses out there, which are  sought as carefree, requiring little attention.  The idea is we try to streamline the hardiest of plant material so either way, we don't require any chemical  (whether it be "natural" or not) and little extra water for our day to day gardening.  This is truly organic, as we are eliminating the problems instead of always treating them.

What are your thoughts?     Kassia Lucente in Ontario
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