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Topic: name of thorny green plant
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 13342
Tue, Jul 8 at 10:54:11 EDT
name of thorny green plant


I hope that someone can help me out.  When at the Pinery today, along Lake Huron, my son touched a green plant with small thorns/spikes on it.  His lower leg started out red, but became spotted with white swelled sections, and was really painful.  This was not the normal type of green spiked plant I see around.  It was approximately twenty five centimetres in height, green, stemmed section had many spikes but then more on the innner perimetre of each leaf.  The total diametre of the plant, including leaves was approximately ten centimetres. Leaves were green with the spikes on the inner perimetre, pointing towards the middle of the leaf.   Can anyone take an educated guess as to the name of this plant.  OR pass along a good website so I could search it out.


Thank you,



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