December 17
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Topic: Grubs, slugs and bugs!!!
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 13344
Mon, Jul 14 at 03:54:54 EDT
Grubs, slugs and bugs!!!

I moved into my first house in the fall which has a beautiful garden.  The problem is that there also seems to be a lot of intruders.  In the spring I cut out some grass to make a new garden and found a ton of grubs.  I have been told that this is the time to spray the lawn for them.  We are having a terrible time keeping our grass from going brown.  Could this be the grubs?  I have found many snails in the garden under my juniper bush and other ground cover plants.  Will they cause me problems?  I have also found a couple of slugs near my hostas, which are being eaten by something, and last night I found what I think is a Japanese beatle on my Rose of Sharon.  Help me please!!!  I don't really want to use pesticides, but beer traps and soap and water sprays don't seem to be working.

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