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Topic: Sauerkraut and herbs
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 5302
Fri, Dec 5 at 03:38:56 EST
Sauerkraut and herbs
I and a quadriplegic with very limited finger mobility. I cannot use a regular keyboard and mouse. However, with a trackball and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred version 6, I am 95 percent independent on the computer. I even am able to manage my own web page
I was an avid gardener before my accident. Now that I have adapted to my limitations I have been directing more of my attending care to pursue this interest. This summer my garden produced more Cabbage than we could store. I followed the exact directions given in my old preserving book and attempted to make sauerkraut. Our garage is thermostatically controlled and was set for the recommended temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It was three days before any scum developed. I purchased an abundance of sterile cheesecloth and change this religiously. Some activity followed but after four weeks I knew we were running on borrowed time. At the end of the fifth week we had to throw it out! I have spoken with different sauerkraut makers and cannot pinpoint what might have gone wrong. I am suspicious than it needed more pounding during the layering process. Can anyone suggest what I might have done wrong? I feel like everyone's efforts were wasted.
I have received my 2004 seed catalogs already. I want to grow perennial and annual herbs next year. I have room along the side of the garden for some perennials which I would also like to start indoors and use by early March. The indoor planting would not be transplanted but would be used until the outside plants have matured. Two days a week I have assistance and supervise and plan our supper meals. We eat a variety of beef, chicken and pork. I enjoy making meat/passta casserole dishes. I am located in zoning 5 in Ontario -- Owen Sound. What herbs would you suggest I grow?
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