December 3
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Topic: christmas help needed!!
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 5937
Mon, Dec 8 at 01:29:27 EST
christmas help needed!!

my name is alexis, and i have an idea for a gift for my avid-gardener father. i was thinking of giving him separate packs of various seeds -- they would each have a description of when to plant them and general care (he raises seedlings in the winter). the seed packs would not be labeled. included in the gift pack would be an envelope to be opened on a certain date around 'harvest time'. in the envelope would be recipes that use predominently the fruits/vegetables/berries/herbs? that were planted... he should have no idea what he's planted until much later in the year... he digs the gift that lasts forever (sorry about the pun).

now. what i was wondering was if someone out there would be able to forward me a phone number for a seed place that carries out-of-the-ordinary produce seeds for produce that grows in ontario. my dad lives in simcoe ontario and has a large vegetable garden that does rediculously well (the soil is uber fertile). i, on the otherhand live in toronto and do not have access to a car... is there a seed distributor in the city or accessible by ttc?

please help ::

any suggestions for crazy-looking or great combinations of fruit/vegs/berries/herbs are welcome! i know he's never planted asperagus...



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