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Topic: Growing hot peppers
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 8372
Mon, Jul 26 at 06:02:54 EDT
Growing hot peppers
I'm experimenting in a well dug & fertilized sunny spot - (only relief from sun comes from tomato trees which have gone crazy beside the peppers). Some hot pepper plants are doing well and showing nice fruit, while others have a black blight or bruise right where the stem meets the branches, and no real blossoming. I wish I knew what causes that! I also used a lot of well rotted commerical manure on this plot. Any ideas? (maybe it's also providing a steroidal effect on the tomatoes!)
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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:8487
Sun, Sep 19 at 08:48:42 EDT
Re: Growing hot peppers
It sounds like you have overloaded the soil with nitrogen.

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