September 23
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Topic: Russian Sunflowers
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 964
Wed, Sep 18 at 11:03:03 EDT
Russian Sunflowers
I planted russian sunflowers this year. they turned out great (and big!)

How will I know when the seeds are ready to be picked. Is there any special sort of processing that the seeds require prior to consumption? Thanks in advance for the help.

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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:6
Wed, Sep 25 at 12:37:27 EDT
Re: Russian Sunflowers
The seeds turn dark, and the flower would look like it is dying away. That is the best time.

I loved to eat them from unsalted, but if you would like to have it salted, you could cook them in a frying pan and pour some salt over it at medium tempreture.

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