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Topic: easy grow veggies
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 2125
Fri, Feb 28 at 08:42:09 EST
easy grow veggies
I have a large space to fill this summer, 30'x35' and I am looking for easy grow suggestions. In the past, I generally have grown tomatoes, peppers, peas and zucchini, but with so much garden in the new place, (and that is only half the garden) I'm looking at some new things.
I was thinking about onions, cucumbers,and pumpkin. I thought maybe broccoli or cauliflower would be nice, but maybe hard.
Has anyone ever grown these? are the hard to grow?
There is also 25'x10' section of raspberries, and 6 peach trees, 2 plum and 1 pear, as well as a ton of grape vines. Any suggestions on the care/pruning of these?
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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:1003
Sat, Mar 1 at 07:50:19 EST
Re: easy grow veggies
Lucky you to have so much space. We have raised beds and have had super success with Scalet Nantes carrots .. I never seem to get them in quite early enough, but we can harvest them pretty much into November (Ottawa). They're really delicious.
Try the little yellow pear tomatoes for a change but give them lots of room, the 60cm height claimed on the tag turned into 6 feet plus!! They are really tasty though and we got lots of them.
cheers, and good luck.

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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:5644
Sat, Apr 3 at 10:32:14 EST
Re: easy grow veggies
The pumpkin is as easy as zucchini, actually I have had more success with pumpkin than zucchini. Onions aren't too bad if you start with sets and garlic is just as good. Broccoli is as easy as tomatoes, I find and better because the first frost sets the taste. You could try a bit of lettuce and other greens that you put in your salads. Radishes and spinach are a good start. Cucumber is a warm weather plant but also easy to grow. The library has some wonderful books with full details. Reading about it is the hard part the watching and waiting is the fun part.

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