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Topic: Tree Selection References
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 5964
Tue, Jan 13 at 04:19:19 EST
Tree Selection References
Hi All,

I am a new homeowner, and as such, completely new to gardening. The house my wife and I have recently purchased has a completely barren - but good sized, backyard (roughly 70x200 feet). We've been trying to decide what types of trees we should plant, and have been having trouble finding good "comparisons" of the various advantages and disadvantages for each. The best resource I've found so far is but even it doesn't go too far as a comparison.

Does anyone else have any links or book suggestions that would help in our search? Something for detailed comparative information, with wide selection of varieties, and of course, pretty pictures would be best.

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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:2332
Wed, Jan 14 at 11:41:38 EST
Re: Tree Selection References
I have come across alot of books on trees, but have never seen one that compares one tree to another. If you have no luck in finding such a book or website, you could research trees that interest you. After, you can compare them yourself.
A good book to learn about trees is:

The Audubon Society
Field Guide to North American Trees
Eastern Region

If you need more help visit back to this site.

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