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Topic: Corkscrew hazel tree
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 8470
Mon, Aug 9 at 01:33:57 EDT
Corkscrew hazel tree
I bought a house last summer. It has a corkscrew hazel tree out front. Last summer, the tree looked very healthy and had many leaves. This summer, only a few leaves appeared and those that did died very quickly. I have cut back all the sucker growth. What else can I do to bring it back to life?
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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:8487
Sun, Aug 15 at 07:21:28 EDT
Re: Corkscrew hazel tree
I also have a Corkscew hazel tree and every year the winter is very hard on it.

After the winter of 2003, I thought it was dead. It started to come back a little bit, but not much.

I fertilized and then watered it almost daily. Now two years latter you would never Know it had almost died.

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