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Topic: Tree problems
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 8540
Sun, Aug 22 at 03:27:02 EDT
Tree problems
I have 2 Linden trees, planted last year. They seemed to do fine last year, right now the leaves are wilted and they are not thriving at all. They have had plenty of water and are in a full sun location. They were put in as large trees and I would hate to lose them; any ideas?
I am also having trouble with a Larix, also planted last year. It budded well in spring and the needles only emerged about 1/2" and there it sits. What to do?
Someone thought there might be blight, but I am not even sure what that is or how to treat it.
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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:8487
Sun, Sep 19 at 08:50:41 EDT
Re: Tree problems
Have you put soil around the base of the trees?

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