September 25
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Topic: Hibiscus tree or shrub. ?
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 8574
Thu, Aug 26 at 11:39:25 EDT
Hibiscus tree or shrub. ?
I have 2 hibiscus not counting the numerous Rose of Sharons I have which I believe are of the hibiscus family.
The 2 I need help with is this: One looks like a shrub like plant while the other one has a single strong trunk with flowers at the top resembling a tree. Someone has told me that the "bush" one will survive ontario winter but the "tree" one must be brought indoors for the winter. Im confused. My Rose of Sharons are never dug up and moved indoors and them bloom each and every year and grown better and better.. So what is the difference and do I really have to dig up that tree hibiscus? or can I allow it to sit out our winter in the elements??
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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:13231
Fri, Jun 8 at 05:00:15 EDT
Re: Hibiscus tree or shrub. ?
not sure but i believe they are the same except the bush was pruned when young...dont quote me

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