December 14
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Topic: Cedars
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 722
Wed, Sep 11 at 09:08:06 EDT
I have newly planted White cedars(Field cedars) and Emerald cedars.
The White cedars are about 9' tall and the Emerald's are about 15'.
They look healthy and throughout the summer they each have developed a load of seed's. Covering a large portion of the tree and weighing down the branches considerably.
Some seed's are still green and others have turned brown, dried up and have fallen off.
I have been told that this is normal when newly planted. The stress of being moved and needing to set down new growth in fear of dying. The root system trying to get out of the burlap covered root ball. etc.
I have been told to trim 6" min. off the top and some off the sides to encourage new growth and eliminate the seed's.
Do this quickly now or next spring.

Is this true? When should I trim? Is this a problem and should they be replaced with new Cedars?

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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:6
Wed, Sep 18 at 01:51:23 EDT
Re: Cedars
A white cedar tree has male and female cones on same tree; male cones yellowish, and female cones dry, pale red-brown upright at branch tips.

Female cones release seeds in autumn over several months.

If you are concerned about the falling seeds, it is just normal. Did you notice any problems with the leaves or branches?

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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:722
Tue, Oct 1 at 03:25:29 EDT
Re: Cedars
This question has been answered under General.
Can you delete it or can I?.

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