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Topic: propagating apple trees
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 1938
Fri, Oct 8 at 08:37:49 EDT
propagating apple trees
I just moved into a new home with a large lot and a lovely mature apple tree. I would like to produce more apple trees to plant on the lot from the existing tree. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this or where to find information. Can it be done? Thanks
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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:13231
Fri, Jun 8 at 04:56:54 EDT
Re: propagating apple trees
grafting is a tricky process and starting from seeds will work but takes some time before you see mature trees..trees are fairly inexepensive.especially now because there is only a few days left in the favourable planting weather..unless you are adimant about propagating your present stock planting new trees may be a better option..check nursuries and oulets such as canadian tire (fruit trees $9.99 clearance this week were $34.99 last week.) im goin tomorrow to see whats left.

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