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Topic: Planting under Norway Maple
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 8804
Thu, Jan 13 at 02:32:08 EST
Planting under Norway Maple
We have a Norway Maple in our front yard and wonder if there are any landscaping solutions for plantings beneath or around it?
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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:13107
Sun, Dec 17 at 05:13:22 EST
Re: Planting under Norway Maple

Re: Norway Maple Woes: I've also encountered problems sustaining life of underplantings beneath this tree and have resolved to the fact that the tree roots are like a sponge taking moisture and creating a dry shade condition and narrowing the field as to which plants will survive. I've lately tried the Lily-Of-The Valley ----which they claim is an aggressive spreader under these shade conditions and adding mulch. Love my tree! Hate the roots.



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