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Topic: Help for Sweet Peas??
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 12992
Thu, Aug 3 at 10:36:44 EDT
Help for Sweet Peas??

Last week I had aphids on my sweet pea plants.  They are still growing up and haven't yet flowered but they are about 3-4 ft. high.  Upon the advice of a friend I sprayed the plants with an insecticidal soap mixture (just water and very little soap).  This helped get rid of the aphids but I'm afraid I may have sprayed too much and now the plants look sick. Some brown leaves and they aren't as sturdy as they were before (growing up the twine structure I have for them).


Is there anything I can do to bring them back?  Or should I just take this as a lesson in aphid defence? Any help is very appreciated!!

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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:13231
Fri, Jun 8 at 04:36:54 EDT
Re: Help for Sweet Peas??

did you rinse off the garden 1/2 hour after the spray? are you using a biodegradable soap such as ivory ?

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