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Topic: Staghorn Sumac
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 13253
Wed, Aug 22 at 04:55:10 EDT
Staghorn Sumac

In 2005 I planted a staghorn sumac,( bought from a reputable nursery),  which is now at least 10 feet tall and very leafy.  But each year, including this one, no sign of flower or fruit. As well, in '05 and '06 the leaves didn't turn red in the fall as I had anticipated, but were a pale yellow-orange.  I've read that you need a male and a female tree to get fruit, but it doesn't say that on the tag.  And how do you know which is which?  Can anyone enlighten me as to how to get it to act like sumacs I have known? I really wanted those red leaves in the fall.  I'd speak to the nursery but I'm 550 km away, and this might be faster. 

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