September 25
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Topic: To plant a tree
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 193
Sun, Jul 28 at 12:49:24 EDT
To plant a tree

I want to plant some trees in my garden, located in downtown Toronto, as Birtch, poplar, pine, etc...
When is the best time? I was told September, but I find it a little bit too early. Is mi-October not better?

Thank you for let me know.

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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:6
Tue, Jul 30 at 04:16:29 EDT
Re: To plant a tree
Both are fine, you plant trees either in Spring or Fall.
You can plant trees till before the first frost. In Toronto, the season is extended till mid-october so you should be fine till then.

The only other thing that affect Fall planting is the availability of trees. You don't get as good a selection as Spring. But you get a lot of good deals. We are working to have a sales section on this site so we list all the nurseries that have plant sales going on.

Please visit back.

Happy Gardening

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