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Topic: Moving a Tree
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 3046
Wed, May 7 at 11:02:06 EDT
Moving a Tree
I have a small maple tree the previous owners of my house planted near my septic bed. I thought it be a good idea to move it vs having it cause root damage down the road.
Is there a time of year I should do this? Are there anything special things I need to consider?
Help is appreciated, Jef
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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:2332
Wed, May 7 at 09:16:33 EDT
Re: Moving a Tree
The best time of year to transplant a tree is in the early spring and in the late fall, when the tree is in it's dorment stage. When I transplant a tree, I first dig the hole where the tree is going to be planted. Then loosen the soil all around the tree to be moved, making sure not to cut too many roots. Then put the shovel under all the roots, while prying up with the shovel get someone else to pull up on the trunk of the tree. This should pull most of the roots up without cutting them. Try to keep as much soil with the roots as possible. Make sure the roots don't dry out. The tree can be moved in a wheelbarrel. Before putting the tree in the new hole adjust the size of the hole to the roots. A very important point is not to bury the tree deeper then the original soil line. Also bury all the roots. Tramp down the soil around the tree lightly, and water often untill established.
Good luck!

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