December 12
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Topic: Pine Trees Desease
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 5030
Sun, Jul 27 at 12:13:37 EDT
Pine Trees Desease
I have several Pines on my property that appear to be dieing. The trees' needles are all red (some about 1/2 the tree is, other half is green), and the bark in places is red/orangish and flakey looking. Is this a sign of deasease? Is there anything I should be doing?
I have other pines that are OK, should I cut down the ones that are dieing so it does not spread?

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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:2332
Sun, Jul 27 at 01:01:09 EDT
Re: Pine Trees Desease
First I would need to know what kind of pine trees you have. There are so many types of pine pests and diseases it would be hard to tell without seeing the tree.

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