November 24
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Topic: Fountain rock garden
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 13
Thu, May 30 at 06:08:04 EDT
Fountain rock garden
We have a small raised garden bed (approx 10ft x 3ft) with fairly good soil. It faces Southeast and is directly beside our back entrance and deck and butts up against the house. It sits directly in front of our basement laundry window, so is not very deep.

We are planning on installing a small fountain - the kind that pours into a buried basin covered with decorative rocks.

Currently we have bulbs, mums and goutweed in the bed. We'd like to transform this into a little rock garden.

I can only find information on creating large rock beds with mounds of rock and soil, much larger than we require.

Any ideas? I'm thinking alpine and dwarf plants (mostly perennial) that will add some texture and colour.

How do we prepare the bed (so it's not just a garden covered with gravel)?

Hope to hear from you soon!

BW - London,ON
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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:6
Mon, Jun 3 at 11:55:41 EDT
Re: Fountain rock garden
To make the bed, since you have alpine and dwarf plants, I would use 1/3 sand and 2/3 triple mix to build up the bed.


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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:6
Fri, Aug 23 at 01:28:30 EDT
Re: Fountain rock garden
This is nice

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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:2608
Tue, Apr 8 at 06:35:33 EDT
Re: Fountain rock garden
Hi there

i would start by getting the goutweed out of there: its very invasive. Build up your soil with triple mix and coarse sand.

I built a little fountain similar to what I think you are after. we bought a kit, but basically you need to find something for the water resevoir. You could dig a hole, line it with sand to help avoid punctures, then line with a pond liner. Or you could get a plastic liner used for half wiskey barrels.

You will need a small recirculating pump. put the pump in the lined hole. You may need to sit it on a brick or rock to raise it to the right height. You will need some kind of a rack to hold your rocks, but allow water to pass through. make sure the upright spout from the pump pokes up through the rack. Put water in the resvevoir and test the pump. adjust the spray to the height you want .Place some larger rocks (4-6 inch smooth clean rocks)around the spout to conceal it. You can buy bags of washed river rocks at the garden centre. Make sure they are big enough not to fall through the rack. add some smaller rocks to fill in between the big ones and to conceal the edge of the liner. Use pea gravel to blend the smaller rocks into your garden.

Some larger rocks placed around the fountain will give it some context. Half bury the larger rocks so they don't look like they just landed from the sky or something. tuck small alpine type plants into the pea gravel Hens and chicks are great for this. Depending on the light, Hostas and ferns would be nice: they like the moisture from the fountain.

you will need to add water to the fountain frequently due to evaporation. or if you have a dog: he will assume its a drinking fountain!

Hope this helps: its pretty easy.


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