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Topic: replanting perenials
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 8620
Mon, Sep 6 at 04:33:02 EDT
replanting perenials
I am looking for some advice, could I have some opinions on when it is too late to replant perenials
I will be moving to new home in Nov and have excellent perenial garden that I want to move
It may be possible to have possession over the next months but if not any suggestions?
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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:8699
Wed, Sep 15 at 02:05:16 EDT
Re: replanting perenials
I made a move to Thunder Bay from Toronto last November. Unfortunately, the ground was frozen upon my arrival here.
I stored all the perennials I brought with me in pots and overwintered them in a garden shed, hoping for the best!
Planted them in early spring and all but one came back beautifully!
I guess it would depend on where it is you're moving to and what the ground condition would be at that time.
Good luck!

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