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Topic: Dividing hostas
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 13249
Tue, Aug 7 at 09:56:01 EDT
Dividing hostas

Can anyone tell me the best time and the best method to dividing elephant ears hosta? It is the jewel of my garden but is flanked all around with other plants I  don't want to disturb (so am hoping to not have to dig the whole root ball out).

Is there a rule of thumb for dividing all perennials?


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Posted By Ontario Gardening ID:13107
Wed, Oct 3 at 10:33:34 EDT
Re: Dividing hostas

Hi Tanya;

               I've just referenced this plant with Lois Hole's "Favorite Perennials" and I have the Hosta Plantagea -August Lily that must be divided in the spring --April as the shoots appear a little late. Once they do I would lift the entire plant and split with a spade or two pitch forks.   Rick.

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