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Topic: Flower bed for wedding bouquets
Post By Ontario Gardening ID: 2666
Sun, Apr 13 at 06:50:54 EDT
Flower bed for wedding bouquets

I was thrilled to find this ebsite and am hoping that someone would be able to assist me in a project.

I am planning my wedding for June 5th or July 12th of 2004.

My mother lives on 3 acres just west of Peterborough and is an avid gardener. She also use to sell flower arrangements to Toronto furniture shops and stores, so has good base knowledge. However she is not sure of the blooming time for all flowers.

I was thinking that it might be a good idea to plant flowers in her large vegetable garden (about 30 x 20 feet) to grow the flowers for my wedding. Once we till and add mulch and prepare it, I need to know what the best flowers to plant would be in that area, which are blooming in June and July. We would get horse manure from the surrounding farms for fertilizer.

I would need enough flowers for 5 bouquets, 12 corsages, one large head table arrangement, 4 large floor standing arrangements (for by the alter and at the entrance of the church, and 20 table centrepieces. My thought are planting about 5-6 rows of 5-6 different flower types....along with green foliage.

The colours for my wedding are cream, coffee and pewter...and I would like nice flower colour accents.

Can anyone recommend some tips for me? I would need hardy perfumed flowers which, when cut and put into bouquets, could last 1-2 days happlily in pails of water. you think that the cost of flowers, fertilizer (a load is about $50) etc. would make it better to go to a wholesaler who would do the work?

Your advice would be very much appreciated!!!

With thanks.
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