March 25
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Mission Statement: To foster and promote healthy gardening in Ontario through knowledge and know-how for the enthusiast and the public. is dedicated to providing information and content to the gardeners and residents of Ontario. We provide number of different services like directory of businesses and farm search engine (pick-your-own). We also provide tips and advice on gardening in Ontario. started by a gardening enthusiast who wanted to provide gardening information online. The site has grown over the years and it is reinventing itself and expanding. Unlike major gardening publishers we are focused on gardening in Ontario and only in Ontario.

We have been actively working with the pick-your-own farms and have been promoting the agritourism industry in Ontario. The farmers are amazing and hard working people and we encourage everyone to visit a farm and support them.

We have also been working hard to add the businesses to our directory to make it easier for people to find what they need in our directory. is continually reinventing itself and focused on providing better content to our readers. Our goal is to provide a unique gardening site to Ontarians, a site that will be the link in the community and a place for the gardeners to go to. We can only achieve this goal with your help and support.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.

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