October 27
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 Gardening Tips For Flowers

IPM for pest control
By: YC
I recently discovered Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to fight off the epidemic of spider mites that nearly wiped out a large planting of
Posted on: July 09, 02

Weed Control
By: YC
Weeds should be controlled either by hand weeding or mulching.

Mulching materials should not come in contact with plant stems. The high
Posted on: June 10, 02

Annuals flowers purchased in compartmentalized plastic
By: YC
Annuals purchased in compartmentalized plastic flats usually have pot bound root systems. If planted intact, the root system will be slow to
Posted on: June 10, 02

Bed Preparation
By: YC
The time spent preparing the planting bed is important if you are to be successful with annual flowers. Flower beds should be spaded or tilled at
Posted on: June 10, 02

Designer Garden?
By: Aflatoon
I have visited a lot of gardens that people have spent a lot of money creating but lack the great look that professionally created garden would
Posted on: June 08, 02

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