November 30
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Designer Garden?

By: Aflatoon

Posted on: June 08, 02

I have visited a lot of gardens that people have spent a lot of money creating but lack the great look that professionally created garden would have.

What did they do wrong?

A lot of people do their gardening based on individual plants. Their gardening lacks composure and planning. Sometimes people lose themselves in stores, and purchase flowers or plants that they like, and don?t bother to think about what it would look in their gardens.

So what should you do?

  • Decide on the colors that want to use in your garden
    I have heard the comment ?everything is green? too often from people. Choose the colors that you would like to have in your garden. You could start by picking certain colors that you would enjoy for example you could look for greys and golds plant to add the those colors to your garden.
    Gold is a good color to brighten up a shady spot, and so are variegated plants.

  • Have a design for your garden in mind
    There are computer softwares that are available on the market that you could design your garden on the computer to get the look that you desire and pleases you. But you could potentially spend sometime with your spouse or family and discuss ideas on a piece of paper, and outline what colors and look you would like to give to your garden. Having a mental idea of what you would like the garden to look like is also fine as long as you have a good mental power. I recommend at least a piece of paper design to everyone.
    Also keep in mind that you should enjoy the garden above all else. You and your family will be spending the most time in the garden.

  • Choose the right soil and fertilizer for your garden spots
    You can keep your berms of good soil amended with compost and manure is generally good to enhance your flowers. But in areas you decide to have shrubs or trees you are recommended to use a different type of soil.
    Try to bunch the plants of same background and need together so you could take advantage of common soil for all of them.

  • Experiment within limit
    I always recommend experimenting to everyone. But you have to realize that experimenting could potentially lead to a failure. Don?t let the failures get you down, but learn from things that work out. Be prepared to change in case you don?t like the look.
    I constantly experiment with different kinds of thymes, sedums and plants that are hardy to Ontario climate.

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