November 30
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Tilling is beneficial for vegetables

By: Aflatoon

Posted on: June 17, 02

If you are considering on having vegetables grown in your garden, you might consider creating tilling your garden.

  • Tilling the garden will be easier if you leave a row untilled between passes.
    Reasons for doing this are: wide turns are easier to make with a tiller than "about faces," and the machine won't be pulling itself and you toward the next row (which it will do if you even come close to overlapping rows). In tilling heavy clay soils or breaking up ground for a new garden, reduce the tiller's engine speed so it digs better and bucks and bounces less.

  • When tilling ground for the first time, don't try to work it to the maximum depth in the first pass. The first time around, set the brake stake half the depth you desire. Then set it to full depth and go over the ground a second time. Till only when the soil is slightly dry and friable.

  • Tilling when it's too wet leaves large clods that become rock hard when dry. Also, mud clumps clinging to tiller blades upset its balance, causing undue wear on you and the tiller.

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