November 30
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Creating a beautiful outdoor space made simple

By: NC

Posted on: April 25, 06

(NC)?With spring officially here and the hot days of summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor space. In recent years, the backyard has become an extension of our homes with homeowners looking to create a coordinated, stylish and functional space to enjoy time with family and friends. Many outdoor rooms include items such as patio furniture and matching gazebos, patio lights and outdoor lamps, outdoor rugs, fountains, lawn décor and barbecues.

Getting started and finding a look that is right for you can be overwhelming, but the backyard team at Canadian Tire has developed an easy system to help Canadians turn their backyard into an outdoor room. Simply decide on a theme ? Casual, Classic, Cosmopolitan or Exotic ? and choose items that fit within that theme.

Classic. This timeless style is great for those looking to add some comfort and elegance to their backyard. Accessories with warmer metals and a palette of muted creams, taupes, and sages create a traditional feel that will stay relevant for many years to come. Coordinated patio sets, such as the Brownstone Patio Collection at Canadian Tire, make getting started easy. To accessorize, look for animal-themed planters and statues that can finish off the look.

Casual. Bring the cottage to your doorstep with a relaxed seaside theme. Choose a palette of sun-bleached sands, whites, blues, and greens, to sooth your soul. Look for fun garden accessories like planters in the shape of shorts or sandal wind chimes to create this comfortable look. Light patio furniture, in blue and white, will keep the space light and airy and complete the beach look.

Exotic. Create your own backyard oasis. Inspired by the exotic resort regions of the world, the exotic theme combines natural woods, an earthly palette and a passion for the outdoors and is the perfect mix of fashion and relaxation. To create this look, choose garden accessories finished in metals and unique pieces, such as an outdoor water wall, to achieve an exotic feel right at home. Patio furniture that resembles indoor furniture, such as sofas and arm chairs with light coloured cushions and dark frames work best.

Cosmopolitan. Creating a wonderful upscale design for those who enjoy a more contemporary flare doesn't have to be expensive. Well-designed cool metals paired with elements of glass and tile help to make a strong statement in your backyard. Complement your space with smokey greys, reds and blacks. Aluminum bistro sets and patio furniture with clean lines will give your backyard a contemporary, clean feel. Look for a stainless steel barbecue, such as the Centro Grill Cart, to finish off the look.

- News Canada

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