November 30
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Container Gardening ? One of the hottest gardening trends

By: NC

Posted on: April 25, 06

(NC)?Gardening is one of Canada's fastest-growing outdoor leisure activities. For those who like to garden but don't have a large yard, container gardening is the perfect solution. To help you get started the gardening team at Canadian Tire offers the following unique ideas:

? Bulbs add a dramatic accent that can turn a small space ? like a patio or balcony ? into an exotic garden.

? Easy to grow bulbs include Hemerocallis, Zantedeschia, Begonia, Dahlia, Hosta and Astilbe.

? Plant an herb garden for a constant supply of fresh herbs. Basil, chives, parsley, marjoram and thyme are all easy to grow in containers and are the perfect addition to any meal.

? A container garden is a miniature plant oasis. It starts with a good soil to aid in moisture retention and air flow along with a fertilizer application every two weeks. Visit your local garden centre to find the right soil and fertilizer for you.

? For condo patios or cottage decks, try growing a vegetable container garden. Small vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers will grow in pots as small as five inches deep.

? Try to find interesting, decorative containers to plant in. They will provide the space with immediate colour while you are waiting for your garden to grow and can complete your backyard look. Various styles, colours, sizes and finishes will help you create a beautiful outdoor space. Visit the garden centre at Canadian Tire to find the perfect box for your outdoor décor.

? Buy a couple of extra containers for children to use as their very own first garden.

? For weddings, birthday parties or other special events, create special containers to use as centerpieces or to give as gifts to your guests.

- News Canada

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