November 30
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New Success with grass seeds

Posted on: May 01, 08

I have had bald spots on my lawn and I wanted to correct them with new grass. These spots were caused mostly by the weeds that have been growing through the lawn.  Specially last year the problem got worst as I was really busy at work and got to spend even less time working on the garden.

I have had experimented with grass seeds previously. The three rules of success with grass seeds is water, water and more water. If you don’t water your lawn the grass seeds will not grow or die off before they mature and have a good root system. I understand that the best time to put down grass seeds is right after the snow melts. The ground is still wet and it doesn’t get too hot to kill off the young grass.

I know that soon after the snow melts we have a few weeks of rain which would help the grass seeds naturally hatch and grow. But this year we didn’t have too much rain after the winter (although it seems that we are getting more rain these days).

So I bought a big bag of grass seeds and spread it all over the lawn when I still had a little bit of snow left on my front lawn. Hoping that it would help the bald spots I waited and waited and even made sure that the ground is still wet by watering them when it got warmer.

As I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, I wanted to experiment and see what else I could do in order to help the grass seeds. So I took a handful of grass seeds and I put it in a plastic jar and poured water on them till they were all submerged. I left them in the water for about 24 hours (it was interesting to see that the seeds absorbed most of the water).

I chose an area that was almost bare and there was no sign of any grass growing and I dug some earth from that spot and tried my best to spread the seeds that were now stuck together. I found that mixing the wet seeds with earth helped to spread them in the experimental area easier. I then covered the whole area with some loose earth and just to be safe I watered the area as well.

I was surprised to see just couple of weeks after my experiment that the seeds that I soaked have surfaced and it seems that majority of the seeds have hatched as you see a thick amount of grass growing.

So my advice is to soak your grass seeds before you spread them.


User comments

Soaking Seeds..
posted by:
posted Mon, May 5 at 12:35:59 EDT
I find soaking most seeds helps them germinate much quicker. Especially hard shelled ones.
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